Glass Cleaning Service in Sri Lanka

Our Window Cleaning Services

Our facilities include a first wash to get rid of your windows of thick grime, grease and other dirt.

After that we will start to clear your windows using top-quality cleaning products which are specially formulated so that your windows may enjoy stain-free cleaning.On your windows,

we then apply a thin coat that prevents rapid re-soiling and creates an anti-condensation effect.

The outcome? A clear, shiny and clean window that helps you, your employees and customers to enjoy looking out clearly.

Our Cleaning Process

Our window cleaning services include window cleaning, power washing, glass washing & cleaning, and cleaning of office glass. Cleaning of office glass involves cleaning of sliding glass doors (e.g. reception area), internal glass partitions (meeting rooms), mirrors and reflective surfaces, glazed walking stairs and corridors and shop fronts and glazed retail display areas.

Choose Doctor Clean as your glass cleaning service in Sri Lanka. For more details, call: 0777 208811

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