Why should you use sofa cleaning services in Sri Lanka

Why should you use sofa cleaning services in Sri Lanka

Often a clean-looking sofa is deceiving. You think that it appears to be clean, but is it really so?”

Our fabric sofa cleaner is composed of deep cleaning extraction to remove dust mites and bed bugs within the fabric and remove odour by eliminating bacteria germs. We specialised in stain removal, returning the old sofas to their former glory.

We also include fabric upholstery and leather sofas in our sofa cleaning services in Sri lanka

We take additional care of your sofa, making us the most reliable and trustworthy cleaning service to choose from. Any stubborn stains will be lightened/removed through our in-depth sofa cleaning services process. The result is a sofa that not only feels good but looks brand new.

With the help of deep cleaning, we are able to provide thorough cleaning. The health of our customers is our utmost priority and we assure the result of deep cleaning will be stunning.

Fabric Sofa Cleaner

  • Safe and non-toxic for homes with children and pets
  • Won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fabrics
  • Saves money… Doctor cleaning solution leaves no     
  • dirt-attracting residue, so fabric stays cleaner for long

Service Features

  • Easy Scheduling
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • High quality
  • Quick response
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Service
  • Efficiency

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